Fluids Mechanics

Credit: 2
Fall Semester


  1. Dr. Eng. Aditya R. Kartadikaria (RK), M.Eng.
  2. Faizal Ade R. Abdullah, M.Si.


Dalam kuliah ini peserta yang datang lebih dari 10 menit setelah kuliah dimulai, maka dianggap tidak hadir. Dan bagi peserta yang tidur atau berisik dipersilahkan meninggalkan kelas

Course Description and Aims
The lecture explores concept and definition of fluids and continuum, with their basic assumptions and implication of those assumptions. You will learn more about some characteristic of fluids such as density, specific density, viscosity, surface tension, etc. Important understanding on dimension and unit, statics fluid (hydrostatics equation), kinematic fluid will be covered too. Flow Visualization, Principal Of Mass Conservation and Momentum, and Reynolds Transport Theorem are given in the end of the course periods..
Course Outcomes
  1. Students is strongly expected to understand any type of fluids that deals in the area of oceanography and meteorology. It is including their limitation, assumption, and its consequence. Students need to build their understanding on  Principal Of Mass Conservation and Momentum, and bridging methods of Reynolds Transport Theorem to some pro-cons Euler and Lagrange methods.
Newtonian Fluids, Continuum concept, viscosity, mass and momentum concepts, reynolds transport theorem.
Competencies that will be developed
Intercultural skills Communication skills Specialist skills Critical thinking skills Practical and/or problem-solving skills
Class Flow
Mostly the Professor prepared material and sylabus. However, the class is openned for discussion and question in the middle of the lecture is surely welcomed.
Course Schedule/ Required Learning
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Text book(s)
  1. Massel S.R. (1999) : “Fluid Mechanis for Marine Ecologis”.
  2. Smith A. J. (2000) : “A Physical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics”.
  3. Munson B.R., D.F. Young and T. H. Okliishi (2006) : “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics”. Fifth ed.
  4. Çengel, Yunus A, and John M. Cimbala,. (2006): Fluid Mechanics; fundamentals and applications.
  5. Weber-Shirk M., and K.A. Chang (2002): Fluid Dynamics., in http://ceprofs.tamu.edu/kchang/cven311/cven311.htm
Reference books, Course Materials, Youtube or E-Class
Handout is provided and personal copy is depend on individuals
Assesment Criteria and Methods
Tugas (10%), Kuis (30%), UTS (30%), dan UAS (30%)
Related Courses
FI2182 Mechanics B and OS2106 Mathematical Methods for Oceanography I
Prerequisites (i.e., required knowledge, skills, courses, etc.)
Tutorial (Latihan Pemecahan Soal) dan Tugas (Pengayaan Bahan Kuliah dan Penyelesaian Soal). Absensi kuliah dan tutorial 80%, Mengikuti UTS dan UAS.