Dr. Lamona I. Bernawis, M.Sc.

Junior Lecturer

Teaching Class

Research Interest

Dawicky, 2003 mentioned earth’s warming surface may be intensifying evaporation over oceans in the low latitudes–raising salinity concentrations there–and transporting fresher water vapor via the atmosphere toward Earth’s poles. Curry et al, 2003 explained that tropical ocean waters (Atlantic) have become dramatically saltier over the past 40 years, while oceans closer to Earth’s poles have become fresher.

Education Profile


Ph.D. in Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


M.Sc. in Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


B.Sc. in Dept. Marine Science and Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science,
Bogor University of Agriculture

Professional Profile

  • Junior Lecturer at Study Program of Oceanography, Bandung Institute of Technology, 2017 – present
  • Nippon Foundation – Partnership of Observation for Global Ocean, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany. Center of Excellence for Ocean Observational Research. February – October 2014
  • Institut Teknologi  Bandung  HRD. Consulting staff. January – March 2014
  • Consulting staff, Indonesia Corruption Watch (KPK). Evaluating value of Navigation Simulator and Marine Survival devices of Ratting School at Aceh, Indonesia, October 2013 – January 2014
  • Researcher, Oceanography FITB – ITB, March 2010 – June 2013
  • Academic  assistant, Study program Oceanography FITB‐ITB, March – Dec 2012
  • Research assistant, Marine and Fisheries Research Agency (BRKP‐KKP), March – July 2009
  • Freelance researcher : Indonesia Institute of Science, Oceanography division (P2O‐LIPI), October ‐ December 2008


Professional Membership


Interannual variation of ocean heat content in outer Indonesian waters in warming ocean (Case study: West Sumatra waters). AIP Conference Proceedings 1677, 060015 (2015); doi: 10.1063/1.4930695.

Ivonne M. Radjawane, Lamona I. Bernawis, Bayu Priyono, Muh. Fadli, and Hugo S. Putuhena

Evaluation of a global ocean general circulation model ; The Lat-Lon-Cap (LLC90) configuration of the MITgcm. Report, presented at Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany,  August 2015.

Bernawis, L.I., Judith Hauck. Christoph Völker

The Hydrographic  Structure Along 137° E Line in the western North Pacific During The Period of 1990‐2007. La mer 51 : 55-72, 2013. Sociětě franco-japonaise d’oceanographie, Tokyo.

Bernawis, LI., M. Nemoto. J Yoshida.

Physical Seawater Properties   of   Indonesian   Seas   and   the   Forecast   in   Changing   Climate. Presented  at  the Asia  Oceania  Geosciences  Society ‐  AGU  (WPGM)  Joint Assembly 2012, 13 to 17 August, 2012 in Singapore.

Bernawis, LI., Apriansyah.  M. Fadli. Ivonne M Radjawane.

Investigation on climate change responses on  Indonesian   seawater   properties   by  using   ARGO   data.   Presented   in  LOICZ conference, Yantai, China, Sept 2011.

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Temperature and Pressure Responses on El‐Nino 1997 and  La‐Nina 1998  in Lombok  Strait.  Proceeding, The 4th JSPS International Symposium on Fisheries Science in Tropical Area, Bogor.

Bernawis, L.I., J. Pariwono.  2001.