With several ocean-related college options available in Indonesia, it is widely known that students in Indonesia facing some difficulties to find their fit study destination, especially who have an interest in ocean/marine science and technology. Here in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), the Department of Oceanography emphasizes its main subject to the dynamic and interaction in the ocean environment utilizing various cutting-edge technologies.  

The Department of Oceanography in ITB focuses on ocean science-related topics, including but not limited to (a) Marine hazard and disaster of tsunami and floods, (b) Marine mitigation due to El Niño/La Niña, climate change, and other air-sea processes, (c) Blue carbon for blue economy and conservation, (d) Ocean productivity for fisheries and marine sustainability, and (e) Marine renewable energy.

The Department of Oceanography in ITB has diverse and established faculties and staff. More than 70% of its faculty members hold a PhD degree from well-known universities from the US, Europe, and Japan. (https://www.oceanography.fitb.itb.ac.id/member/). The variety of its faculty composition in terms of a research field, interest, and age span differences make the oceanography department in ITB as a lively, solid, and dynamic research group. The Oceanography Department is actively involved in a collaboration with other oceanography institution both nationally and internationally (such as Geospatial Information Agency, Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency, Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center, University of Maryland, etc.)

We welcome the students who have an interest in oceanography to join us here and explore together the excitement and the potential of Indonesian seas in ITB!

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