Dr.Eng. Aditya R. Kartadikaria (RK), M.Eng.

Lecturer and Scientist

Teaching Class

Research Interest

  • Regional Ocean Modeling (Indonesian and Red Seas)
  • Oceanic eddy processes
  • Blue Carbon

Education Profile


Dr.Eng., Dept. of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics,
Tokyo Institute of Technology



M.Eng., Dept. of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics,
Tokyo Institute of Technology



B.Sc., Departement of Oceanography,
Bandung Institute of Technology

Professional Profile

  • Faculty member, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology, 2014-Now
  • Postdoctoral researcher, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, 2013-2016
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology (JSPS) Program, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2011-2013
  • Intensive internship for Master and PhD program, JAMSTEC, 2008-2011


  • JSPS Postdoctoral awardee, 2011-2013

Professional Membership

ISOI (Ikatan Sarjana Oseanografi Indonesia)


Ensemble data assimilation in the Red Sea: sensitivity to ensemble selection and atmospheric forcing
Habib Toye, Peng Zhan, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, A. R. Kartadikaria, Huang Huang, Omar Knio, Ibrahim Hoteit

On the generation and evolution of internal solitary waves in the southern Red Sea
D Guo, TR Akylas, P Zhan, A.R. Kartadikaria, I Hoteit

The eddy kinetic energy budget in the Red Sea

P Zhan, AC Subramanian, F Yao, A.R. Kartadikaria, D Guo, I Hoteit

CO2 sink/source characteristics in the tropical Indonesian seas

Kartadikaria, A. R., A. Watanabe, K. Nadaoka, N. S. Adi, H. B.Prayitno, Suharsono, M. Muchtar, I. Triyulianti, A. Setiawan, Suratno, E. N. Khasanah

Far-field ocean conditions and concentrate discharges modeling along the Saudi Coast of the Red Sea

Zhan, P., Y. Fengchao, A.R. Kartadikaria, Y. Viswanadhapalli, G. Gopalakrishnan, and I. Hoteit

Seasonal larval dispersal characteristics and sediment discharge impacts on the coral reefs in Lingayen Gulf, Philippines towards coastal ecosystem conservation

K. Ashikawa, T. Pokavanich, A. R. Kartadikaria, K. Nadaoka, C. L. Villanoy, E. C. Herrara

Existence of eddies at crossroad of the Indonesian seas

A.R. Kartadikaria, Y Miyazawa, K Nadaoka, A Watanabe

Ocean circulation for the Indonesian seas driven by tides and atmospheric forcings: Comparison to observational data

A.R. Kartadikaria, Y Miyazawa, SM Varlamov, K Nadaoka

Marine ecosystem simulation in the Indonesian seas

Y Sasai, A.R. Kartadikaria, Y. Miyazawa, K. Nadaoka

A numerical study on larval dispersal around the Southeast Asia and West Pacific (SEA-WP) regions using an Indo-Pacific ocean circulation model

A.R. Kartadikaria, K Nadaoka, Y Miyazawa